Kerajinan Tembaga – Copper Craft

profil%2Bkerajinan%2Btembaga%252C%2Bkuningan%252C%2Bkaca%2Bpatri%252C%2Baluminium%2B303Kerajinan Tembaga Indonesia Each copper craftsmen must have sides arstistik copper crafts people whose work is related to the arts as a craftsman copper metal copper should be happy because with the talent that has been handed down from their predecessors can easily channel the artistic side of tenacity and patience should be rewarded for produce a masterpiece which enjoyed by many people.
Results of copper handicrafts are very beneficial to the world of interior and exterior design is to produce a work is not easy work of art not to the value of high-value copper metal actually looks mediocre because of the laying or less precise formulation.
By. Industri Kerajinan Tembaga Indonesia – Copper Craft Service.
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